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LeakFrog is the small water alarm with a big job. Behind the cute smile is a brain that knows when you have a water problem. LeakFrog sits patiently day and night - ready to sound its alarm at the first sign of a leak. Benefits: Water causes more damage annually than smoke, and the mold that occurs after a water leak can be deadly.

- 40% of all property damage is caused by water
- 70% of toxic mold is caused by water leaks and plumbing failures
- 1 of 3 insurance claims is for water damage

If you have smoke alarms in your home, you need LeakFrog too. Simply place LeakFrog in the areas where leaks or water over-flow might occur. In as little as 1/32 inch of water, LeakFrog sets off its alarm to alert you. If no one is home, the alarm will continue to sound for hours until you return.

LeakFrog can detect water leaks from any water source:

- Toilets
- Tubs
- Sinks
- Dishwashers
- Refrigerators
- A/C Drip Pans
- Wet Bars
- Hot Tubs
- Washing Machines


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